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Our Firm

  • David Breskin

    David E. Breskin

    David Breskin provides counseling and litigation services on employment-related matters under federal and state laws, including employment and compensation agreements, wage and hour, labor relations, discrimination and wrongful termination issues. Litigates in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies in employment related and consumer protection act cases. Frequently represents plaintiffs in class action litigation.


  • BJT-Legal-2017-03-Johnson-Daniel-113

    Daniel F. Johnson

    Daniel Johnson represents employees, consumers, and businesses in employment, consumer protection and civil rights cases. He has litigated many federal and state employment discrimination cases, wage and hour disputes, and contract and tort cases, as well as sexual assault, wrongful death, and public accommodations cases. He has helped recover millions of dollars for his plaintiff clients and helped win quick and economical resolution for his defense clients.


  • BJT-Legal-2017-03-335

    Roger M. Townsend

    Roger Townsend has been a respected complex litigation attorney in Seattle since 1995. Mr. Townsend has represented individuals and businesses in partnership, breach of contract, intellectual property, privacy rights, professional malpractice, shareholder, employment, non-compete, trade secret and related matters. Mr. Townsend’s litigation frequently involves emerging technology issues and has recently been at the forefront of major litigation arising out of the bitcoin space.


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    Brendan W. Donckers

    Brendan Donckers litigates civil cases and appeals in state and federal courts. His practice focuses on individual and class action consumer protection cases, employment litigation, and civil rights.  He also represents individuals, nonprofit organizations, community groups, and small businesses in disputes involving real and personal property, contracts, public records, land use, nuisance, and tort litigation.  Brendan has successfully argued cases before trial courts, the Washington Court of Appeals, and the Washington Supreme Court.  He was second-chair to David Mann in a landmark FOIA case before the U.S. Supreme Court, Milner v. Dep’t of the Navy.


  • bjt-legal-Pettigrew-Erin-72

    Erin M. Pettigrew

    Erin M. Pettigrew is a civil litigator with a focus on representing individuals in workplace disputes and civil rights matters. She considers it a privilege to serve working people in their fight for justice. A tenacious advocate, Erin has successfully pursued claims on behalf of victims of race and gender discrimination, wage and hour violations, whistleblower retaliation, disability discrimination, family medical leave violations, and violations of state and federal farm worker protection laws. Erin speaks fluent Spanish and has worked with immigrant and non-English speaking communities for over ten years.


  • Cynthia J. Heidelberg

    Cynthia J. Heidelberg

    Cynthia J. Heidelberg litigates civil cases and appeals in the areas of employment, consumer protection and civil rights. Her practice focuses on individual and class action consumer protection, civil rights, and employment litigation. She also represents individuals and small businesses in partnership, breach of contract, non-compete, intellectual property and related matters.

    Prior to joining Breskin, Johnson, & Townsend, PLLC, Cindy worked in New York City as counsel for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and as a Judicial Law Clerk in Immigration Court as part of the Department of Justice Attorney General’s Honors Program. She has expertise in both removal proceedings and the affirmative immigration process.