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Hill v. Garda CL Northwest


Our clients filed this class action claim against their employer, an armored transport company, for altering time cards, denying rest and meal breaks, and requiring off-clock work. The class consists of approximately 480 driver/messengers who worked for Garda in Washington State at any time between Februrary 2006 and February 2015. The company agreed to settle the time card claim and the court has certified a class of all Washington driver/messengers for the meal and rest break claims.


In late 2015, the King County Superior Court awarded judgment to the class against Garda for over $9 million.  Garda appealed, and on March 27, 2017, the Court of Appeals mostly affirmed the judgment, cutting some of the interest and penalties awarded but leaving the judgment intact.  With interest accruing every day, the judgment remains over $9 million.  The deadline for further appeal is June 5th 2017.


Case Documents